13 countries’ ambassadors visit Mohenjo Daro

LARKANA: Sindh’s Tourism & Culture Minister Sharmila Farooqui said on Sunday that it is a very happy moment that ambassadors of as many as 13 countries have come to visit world heritage site of Mohenjo Daro today on Sunday along with their families due to which this historical place will become more famous around the world.

She was talking to media at Mohenjo Daro on Sunday. She said that the dry core drilling project of Mohenjo Daro and its research is not less than a challenge as despite financial problems, bad weather conditions, water logging and salinity problems, the project will be completed.

She said due to visit of these distinguished guests, the foreign image of Pakistan will be improved which is portrayed by foreign media that Pakistan is suffering from terrorism. She announced that solar system will soon be installed at Mohenjo Daro due to worst electricity load shedding and the site will be opened during night time for the tourists which will get more projection internationally.

Sharmila said that unfortunately theft of antiques from Mohenjo Daro case was not properly pursued which they will also now look into afresh. She further announced that the services of daily wagers will soon be regularized and notification in this connection will be issued.

She revealed that Sindh government had initiated wok at 11 other historical places of Sindh and next year more development works will be carried out there. The ambassadors of countries who visited this world famous cultural site with families include India, Japan, Australia, Russia, Germany, Austria, Sri Lanka, Portugal, UN Agency and others. They were briefed about the historical background of the ruins and the people who lived here 5000 years BC by Director General of Cultural T Tourism Department Qasim Ali Qasim. He showed them spacious streets, stupa, swimming pool and other important places which amazed the guests. PPI.

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