25 out 63 teachers join GBHS Naundero as vacation ends

NAUNDERO: One hundred out of 2300 students attended the classes of Government Boys Higher Secondary School on Tuesday when the schools reopened today.

Only 25 teachers came to discharge their legal and moral duties out of 63 posted here for which they are paid from tax payer’s hard earned money. The war of words, allegations and counter allegations has ruined the educational atmosphere in the school which is going on since long between the teachers and the principal.

Teachers allege that the principal has chopped of trees which were standing in the school and were very beneficial during hot summer season when the mercury shots up over 50 degrees whereas the principal says that the trees were hurdle in development schemes hence were cut off without recognizing their importance. Teachers further allege that computers provided for the students in this computer science era are lying idle and a precious plot was given to a contractor just for canteen for which the principal Qazi Abdul Lateef said that amount collected from tree cutting has been deposited in the SMC funds which can be checked & verified.

Qazi further said that he had reported against those teachers of the school who were drawing undue salaries over & above their basic scales that’s why they are levelling false allegations against him. Due to ongoing feud among the teachers the education standard has fallen down of the hundreds of poor students who arrive here to learn only. GSTA Larkana district Vice President, Yaqoob Kumbhar said that the attitude of the principal is very aristocratic & rough adding that he is responsible for bad washrooms, no holding of science subjects practicals due to shortage of science lab material, lying of computers idle and non-availability of cold drinking water facility for the students for which he must be made accountable. The foundation stone of this school was laid by PPP founder late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto when he was the Foreign Minister of Pakistan.

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