30% female doctors quit job due to various social problems

KARACHI: Around 30 percent lady doctors left healthcare profession in Pakistan after completing their medical education due to various social barriers, causing great loss to national exchequer every year, revealed Senior Leader of Pakistan Medical Association Dr Shershah Syed on Wednesday.

Syed, also an eminent gynaecologist, told PPI news agency that around 30 percent female doctors had left healthcare profession in the country due various issues due to marriage, family restrictions and other social problems, which caused great loss to national exchequer.

He said there is a ratio of 70 percent female and 30 percent male doctors in Pakistan, but unfortunately, about 30 percent lady doctors had left the profession after marriage beside other issues like security issues, threats of kidnapping, restrictions from family members to don’t do job and other social barriers.

He said if the situation persisted in future, Pakistan may face acute shortage of lady doctors in healthcare in future and ratio of various diseases may also go up in the country. He informed ratio of male health practitioners is high in different western countries as compared to Pakistan.

He said, “I could not suggest for enhancing the ratio of male doctors in medical profession by enhancing male seats in medical colleges but authorities concerned should generate awareness among society and ensure protection of lady doctors at work place which will help improve overall situation.”

He said government had spent millions of rupees on medical education, training and skill development of lady doctors annually but quitting medical profession was putting bad impact on upcoming doctors and also adversely affecting the national healthcare system.

He urged the government to provide protection to female doctors at workplace, announce incentives and raise perks and privileges for lady doctors to keep them from leaving medical profession in future.

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