40% diseases in Pakistan are caused by unhygienic water: report

KARACHI: One billion of the world population is deprived of safe drinking water. Drinking water supply in Malir Town is not suitable from public health standpoint. The faulty and obsolete distribution network is the major source. These reports are revealed in a recent research conducted by Registrar and Professor Environmental Sciences KU Dr. Moazzam Ali Khan and Research Fellow Mr. Amir Alamgir. It is further observed that mostly taken water samples failed to meet the guidelines of WHO.

Its quite alarming that chlorine was not found in any of the samples taken and its clear that the drinking water supplied to the residents of Karachi doesn’t not fulfil the criteria of international health standards. Government should take serious adequate measures to resolve this outstanding issue. Rise in population and advent of modern technology has increased the demand of water. Mostly diseases in Pakistan are waterborne which is mainly due to industrial waste and inadequate savage system.

According to National Conservation Report, 40 % of diseases in the country are caused due to unhygienic water. In an another survey its revealed that 36 percent of the drinking water samples of Karachi contain toxic and bacterial germs. Water crisis has become a major issue in the world and millions of people are affected due to it. 44 percent of the population of Pakistan is deprived of safe drinking water.

According to another research, more than 80 % of the water in Pakistan doesn’t meet the international standards. Water crisis is a major problem of Karachi mainly due to leakage in the supply pipes. Not a single sample from hundreds of samples of drinking water of Karachi was declared safe and fulfilling the international health standards. Calcium and magnesium are vital for human life and deficiency in any of these could cause enormous affects to the health. Potassium is also very useful for human’s life and its present in the atmosphere and the natural water.

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