60 including 17 absconders arrested

Naudero: Police conducted search operation to apprehend fugitives at village Ibrahim Ji Wandh near here on Thursday and arrested 60 people out of which 17 are said to be absconders.

Police also claimed to have recovered 20 motorcycles, weapons and bullets and they also took away 10 buffaloes, goats & sheep from the village.

According to details police mobiles consisting of various police stations of Larkana district led by SP headquarter Masood Bangash conducted raid over Ibrahim Ji Wandh village and took into custody as many as 60 people out of which 17 are alleged to be absconders which include Iqbal Jeho, Nawaz, Urs, Lakheeno, Aijaz, Kashif, Raashid, Sharif, Nadim, Ghaffar, Qurban and others who all are by caste Jeho.

Cops claimed that several criminal cases of murders & robberies are registered against them at Madeji and Naundero police stations. Police further claimed that four rifles were also recovered along with 600 bullets. SHO Naundero police station Sartaj Jagirani told Reporters that 60 people were taken into custody out of which 17 have been found absconders hence locked up due to registration of several criminal cases against them and all others have been set free.

He further said that due to tribal disputes in the village there was information that criminals keep on coming to the village frequently due to which raid was conducted. Sources said that land dispute between two groups of Jeho community is going on in which about ten people have so far lost their lives.

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