Account holders suffer due to fault in ATM system

Larkana: The account holders of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), who are mostly government servants, suffered as lot of problems on the second day of December when they found link-down of all the NBP ATM machines installed in Larkana district.

When this scribe, on complaints by accounts holders Imam Bux Jamali, Altaf Hussain, Hussain Bux, Mour Khan and others, contacted NBP Head Office in Karachi, the man who attended the call refused to inform his name and said that link-down problem exists in entire lower Sindh and account holders have to wait till the problem is resolved.

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has already issued circulars to all the banks operating in Pakistan to ensure round the clock functioning of these ATM machines but its instructions are being openly violated regularly.

However, ATMs of private banks were seen working properly. The only ATM machine of NBP installed in Naundero has also become useless for the account holders as it also mostly remains out of order or out of cash.

Sources said that during electricity load shedding these machines remain shut and the managers save expenditure of running cost of POL but on papers they always show that they used petrol or diesel on running generators to keep the machines operational round the clock as per SBP directives.

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