Agriculture, livestock need more importance

Karachi: Presidential candidate for the FPCCI, Mian Adress said that agriculture has an important direct and indirect role in generating economic growth. It provides food to consumers and fibres for domestic industry; it is a source of scarce foreign exchange earnings; and it provides a market for industrial goods.

He said that agriculture and livestock are the back bone of economy, but unfortunately it has been ignored by the successive governments. He said the leadership of apex trade body, FPCCI, has also turned a blind eye towards these sectors in the past. He vowed that new leadership of FPCCI will give more importance and preference to agriculture and live stock sectors along with the industries. These sectors can strengthen the economy of Pakistan.

He was addressing to the members of Okara and Sahiwal Chambers of Commerce and Industries.

Mian Adress said that FPCCI will give importance to agriculture and live stocks beside the industries. Diplomatic community will be invited to visit the Okara and Sahiwal Chamber so that they can witness the expertise of these areas. They will be urged to provide the latest techniques to the farmers so that they could use the agri machinery and technology as a skilled farmer. He said that Okara and Sahiwal Chambers have expertise in live stock and agriculture. Government should provide latest technology and machinery to the farmers so that their per acre yield could be increased.

At this occasion, members of Okara and Sahiwal Chambers announced to join United Business Group and support Mian Adrees for the presidential candidate of FPCCI. Chaudhry M. Arshad, Group leader and President, M. Wasim, Khalil ur Rehman of Okara Chamber and Haji Shahid Anjum Ansari, President, Safdar Rasheed, Group Leader, Faisal Akram and Zulfiqar Atiq of Sahiwal Chamber announced to support United business Group in the annual elections of FPCCI. They hope that new leadership will represent them at all levels effectively.

Mian Adress assured them that FPCCI will arrange foreign trips of USA, Canada and EU countries, to introduce them with latest technology and experience of developed countries to strengthen the Agriculture and livestock of Okara and Sahiwal.

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