Anesthetists’ shortage badly affects operations at CMCH

LARKANA: Chandka Medical College Hospital (CMCH) Larkana has been neglected in the past by the rulers and Health Department, which is evident from the fact that there are 12 sanctioned posts of qualified Anesthetists (BPS-18) out of which two are filled and 10 are lying still vacant.

Similarly, there is one post of Anesthetist of BPS-19, which is also vacant since years. The shortage of Anesthetists has created lot of problems for the surgeons as operations are either delayed or postponed due to single reason of non-availability of the required Anesthetist which is a key factor to carry out any operation.

Over 20 operation theaters are working in the hospital in three shifts which include Orthopedics Surgery, General Surgery, ENT, Paeds Surgery, Shaikh Zayed Hospital for Women, Urology, Ophthalmology, Emergency OTs and others, but lack of Anesthetists mostly force the surgeons not to complete the lists and defer the cases for next day which create lot of problems to the poor patients.

Health Department has been informed about the shortage several times, but it expressed their usual negligence for unknown reasons due to which the people of Larkana are thinking this hospital is being step-motherly treated by the Sindh government.

Over 150 other posts of doctors from BPS-17 to BPS-20 are also lying vacant but the bosses are constantly mum. Recently, Sindh government regularized doctors of Benazir Youth Program but they have done nothing to send the lists of vacant posts to Sindh Public Service Commission for appointment on merit. The vital post of Chief Casualty Medical Officer (BS-20) is vacant since about a year.

The 20 grade police surgeon is trying his level best to get himself transferred out of Larkana to Hyderabad as he is unable to perform his duties here regularly due to which MLC cases are being looked after by another junior doctor.

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