Ban on bike-rickshaws be removed till promises mass transit system comes in

KARACHI: Pasban-e-Pakistan said on Sunday that that the ban on bike-rickshaws (Chingchis) has further increased the problems of Karachi commuters and the government should bring the bike-rickshaw system into the ambit of law and liberate it from the clutches of extortion mafia so that the citizens could have better commuting facilities.

Pasban-e-Pakistan vice president Abdul Hakim Quaid in a statement said the bike-rickshaw system is a handy and cost-effective public transport system, serving millions of commuters in this largest city of Pakistan. He said till the government brings its promised mass transit system to Karachi or revives Karachi Circular Railway (KCR), the citizens should not be deprived of this cost effective public transport system. He said the bike-rickshaws are running successfully in all the cities and towns of Pakistan and serving people.

Abdul Hakim Quaid said while banning the bike-rickshaws, the negative role of Sindh transport department. KMC and extortion mafia was not taken into consideration.

He suggested that in the larger public interest, the bike-rickshaw system should be regularized by giving them small route permits, fitness certificates, training and proper driving licenses. He said the Pasban–e Pakistan would file an appeal in the court against the decision of banning bike-rickshaws and nine-seat rickshaws.

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