Bara and Jamrud situation

Peshawar: Mortar shelling killed two persons in a mosque at Speen Kabar mosque and two other sustained splinters injuries whereas in another incident of mortar firing at Speen Kabar in a Sepah tribe area inside the house of Ali Akbar , four women and two children were seriously wounded.

Today on Thursday the Pakistani jet fighters pounded bombs on the hideouts of the militants at Shaloober area in Bara sub division of Khyber Agency. In the jet fighters shelling two militants were reported killed.

On Wednesday night the LI and TTP in a joint ambush had killed eight security forces personnel and reportedly wounded many others. The official sources had also claimed that round about twenty one militants had been eliminated in the tough fighting at Sepah tribe area in Bara sub division of Khyber Agency on Wednesday night.

The army chief had specially attended the funerals of the martyred personnel in Peshawar. It is worth mentioning here that the current military offensive had begun on 16 October in Bara with the new name of Khyber One.

In another incident a person identified as Deen Muhammad son of Sher Gul Katia khel koki khel was abducted from Tagan chowk in Jamrud and was reported killed later local sources said.

Separately, security forces and political administration in a joint venture raided the house of JI Jamrud local leader Haji Najeeb Ullah from where the authorities reportedly recovered some ammunition and later demolished his house.

Local sources informed that JI local leader Haji Najeeb Ullah had been arrested some days before though this information could not be ascertained from JI leaders as they were not available for comments. Local sources also said that Jamrud based administration was set to trap locals in bogus cases in relation to militancy to prolong his period.

This is to mention here that exodus of the local people from Bara sub division of Khyber Agency and Aka Khel Tirrah Valley is on the rise. The migrants suffer a lot while evacuating their native houses.

The skirmishes between the security forces and militants have been increasing day by day though the security forces are reinforced with gunship helicopters and jet fighters planes to target and hit the hideouts of the militants in Tirrah and Bara. Similarly the law and order situation has been getting worse day by day in Jamrud sub division of Khyber Agency.

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