BD govt has no authority to convict pro-Pakistani: Haroon

KARACHI: Former Pakistani Ambassador to the United Nations, Abdullah Hussain Haroon, showed concern over the role of Pakistani government for not paying attention towards the persons supporting Pakistan’s ideology.

Addressing a press conference at his Karachi residency on Monday evening, he condemned the federal government for showing slackness in resolving the issue of Pakistan’s ideological people living abroad. Talking about the conviction of Majeed Nizami in Bangladesh to be held on 16 December 2015, he said Bangladeshi government had no authority to convict pro-Pakistani in view of declarations of international agencies.

He said that India is silently supporting Bangladesh against Pakistan to fan hatred between Pakistan and Bangladesh. Haroon said despite the international struggles, the Bangladesh government had failed to take advantage of international support against Pakistan. He said that he feels some conspiracies could appear against Pakistan and its nation later.

He said those persons taking name of Muslim League are not taking any measure to continue the ideology of Muslim League. He said Bangladesh government can not do any thing without support of India. Talking about the recent “Heart of Asia Conference” chaired by Prime Minister of Pakistan, he said such conference is meaningless in which the issues of Asian people are not discussed.

He said Pakistan has trapped itself in the problems after the recent conference as such it has responsibility of new clear technology after that Pakistan has taken another responsibility to protect the Pak China Corridor assets. He said the issue of Kashmir is running in same position because no special measures had been taken by the government side to resolve it. He was of the view that Pakistan has not taken any advantage of Heart of Asia Conference.

He said that no any action is taken according to agreements reached between the India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue. He said many people in India, support Pakistan’s ideology and bear oppression. He said ‘we should support those persons in Bangladesh who supports the ideology of Pakistan’.

He said Pakistan should immediately raise the issues in Security Council and European Union. Talking about the rangers deployment and its powers, he said according to will of public, rangers should keep continue its actions. However, the major parties and traders associations also support rangers for restoration of peace.

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