Burney sees corruption as main cause of terrorism

KARACHI: The Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International, Ansar Burney said on Monday that corruption is the main cause of terrorism; therefore, International community and People of Pakistan are requested to support the Ansar Burney Trust to fight corruption and terrorism.

Burney said; “Terrorists are killing our children, parents, wives, brothers, and sisters, so we need to unite and stand together globally as one family for peace, love and human dignity, before it could be too late.”

Burney further said: “As humans if we think we are still humans … we will have to unite and stand globally together as one family, as we are, since we are the Children of ‘Adam and Eve, to save humanity, human dignity, peace and our brothers and sisters globally at large so as to save humanity and human dignity around the globe.

He said in Pakistan the entire nation is proudly united with Pakistan Army in it’s fight against corruption and terrorism as Sepoy of ‘Zarb-e-Azb’.

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