Burney urges India to release Pakistan’s innocent boy

KARACHI: The Ansar Burney Trust International’s Chairman, Ansar Burney, on Wednesday urged Indian government to release without any further delay a Pakistani boy arrested and detained in Indian prison since last 18 months on the charge of a crime he never committed.

Burney sent letters to the authorities in Delhi, urging them to release a nine-year-old Pakistani boy, Ghulam Hussain, son of Jumman Thero, who is detained in Jamnagar Central Jail in India since over a year, and to send him back to Pakistan.

Burney said that Hussain, when arrested, was eight-year-old. Hussain and his father Jumman, along with other fishermen, were arrested by Indian coastguards while fishing in the Pakistani seawater.

Last month, the Indian authorities released 88 fishermen, including Jumman Thero, and sent them back to Pakistan via Wagah but refused to release his son Hussain.

Juman, when reached his residence in Haji Yousuf Kahtiar Goth in Thatta, he was welcomed by villagers. At that time, he started crying and said: “I left my little boy back there. Allah alone knows how I came back to Pakistan without my son with me. Allah alone knows how I am feeling right now. I am alive but feeling like dead.”

“What a painful moment I begged to Indian officers to please not send me home alone without my little boy, but it was of no use.” They arrested us at Sir Creek with my eight years old son and other crew on their fishing boat Allah Madad, some 18 months ago, He said with tears in his eyes.

Burney also requested Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior to take up the matter with Indian authorities on urgent basis.

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