Call to make joint efforts for country’s welfare

KARACHI: Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology’s (SSUET) Chancellor, Jawaid Anwar, has said that education is the major aspect of development of a modern society and it plays a significant role for the success of an individual and further progress of the nation.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan initiated the great historical Aligarh Movement to bring revolution through education in the subcontinent, said the chancellor while addressing a reception held by Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Association (AMUOBA) in the honour of renowned scholar and fiction writer Saghir Ifrahim who came from Aligarh and visited SSUET. He is the professor at Urdu Department of Aligarh Muslim University. He is also the editor of the magazine of great historical value, Risala Tehzeeb ul Akhlaq that was launched by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

Speaking on the occasion, the chancellor said it is not so easy to maintain traditional values and morals in the society during the clash of civilizations. He said: “As a nation’s trait, we feel comfortable revelling in the past, but for the advancement and development of the country we need to get out of the spell of the past. After the massacre of 1857, under the leadership of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Muslims of South Asia gathered at one platform and moved towards contemporary education. Collective efforts should be made for larger interest of the country instead of approaching to some individual benefits. Today we again need to follow the philosophy and ideology of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.”

Expressing his views, the guest speaker Professor Saghir Ifrahim said that Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) was established with the funds of Muslims and the first graduate of this university was a Hindu. We are planning for 200 years’ celebration of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in coming days and also for establishing a school in the name of Sir Syed in each city of UP.

He pointed out that they receive huge funds which are utilized to help and support the poor and needy students of Aligarh Muslim University.

Professor Saghir said SSUET is another AMU, which should have all departments like AMU here at the campus. Earlier Member of Executive Committee, Noshaba Siddiqui, gave introduction of the guest speaker Professor Saghir Ifrahim, and renowned scholar and researcher Khawaja Razi Haider conducted the event beautifully.

In the end, the Chancellor presented his book to the guest and Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Syed Jawaid Hassan Rizvi gave him away the souvenir bag, while in return, Professor Saghir presented a copy of Risala Tehzeeb ul Akhlaq to the Chancellor Jawaid Anwar.

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