Chief Organiser PTI Balochistan

USTA MOHAMMAD: Pakistan Tehreek Insaf would emerge as major party in Balochistan soon and would change fate of the province by ballots instead of bullets. Balochistan would also be cleansed of corruption on the pattern of Khyber Pashtoonkhwa.

This was stated by Chief Organiser PTI Balochistan Sardar Yar Mohammad rind while addressing a big gathering of tribal elders and party workers at Rind House here Sunday.

Sardar Rind said if serious effort was not made to change the situation future of coming generation would be bleak. He said under the bold and honest leadership of Imran Khan PTI Government would end thana and patwari culture and on the pattern of KP corrupt elements would be removed from Police under first phase. He aid surely there has been revolution in Police, Revenue, Education and health sectors.

Lashing out at Dr Malik Baloch government eh said his government prompted corruption and commission rates in different departments mounted to 32 percent from 20 percent and level of corruption increased to alarming stage.. Dr Malik Baloch Government got opportunity to prepare three budgets but there were mere lip service against backwardness and corruption. But yes credits goes to Dr Malik Government it improved law and order situation in the province.

He asked people to support Imran Khan to save the country. Those in governments on turn looted the country recklessly. PPP took votes in the name of Bhutto made corruption in billions. After Bhutto there has been capture of thieves and dacoits on party.

He told audience vote is sacred trust of nation. We all are answerable to Allah almighty. So give vote those who are security to your rights. He aid those in power form this area for the welfare of the people is well known to all. Everything here is wrong. Institutions are destroyed, road are in dilapidated condition and people were forced to lead a miserable life.

He said he has been supported by the people of the area and hopefully February 7 public meeting would be the largest people’s gathering in Baluchistan’s history.

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