Chingchies freely plying in Larkana

LARKANA: Three-wheel Chingchies , banned by the Sindh High Court, are still running on roads in entire Larkana district right under the nose of traffic cops.

Though a crackdown was began four days back and due to which most of the owners had withdrawn their vehicles out of city, but now it is seen that these motorcycle rickshaws are freely plying on main roads in towns and villages of Larkana.

These vehicles are still plying in Naundero, Ratodero, Baguldero, Dokri, Bakrani, Areeja and other areas.

As many as 24000 Chingchis are plying in the district which have elbowed out old rickshaws and horse-Tonga.

Ever since the arrival of these cheap Chinese 3-wheelers their business came to standstill and most of them also turned to it but now the old rickshaws are coming out and few 2-wheel wooden made Tonga have also been seen running on the roads earning livelihood. The traffic police patronized these Chingchis for their malafide intentions as they were getting Rs:50/- to 100/- daily from each owner thus they were filling their pockets ignoring the safety of pedestrians and transport owners.

Fatal road accidents occurred in which many people either lost their lives or were seriously injured as the drivers were mostly children unaware of traffic rules. They always thought that they are riding a 2-wheeler bike and used to take turns frequently on busy roads ignoring other transport and without looking back.

Sindh Government suffered huge losses as well because no vehicle tax was paid by them nor fitness certificate was obtained from the concerned departments and these vehicles were also not registered with Excise & Taxation department which showed that their plying was totally illegal but how they were allowed by the traffic cops is crystal clear that they wanted to earn money from them.

In Larkana city, most of these 3-wheelers have been kicked out of the city for which the owners also held a protest demonstration demanding restoration and lifting the ban but majority of the residents not only appreciated & welcomed the decision of SHC but many were of the view that a substitute should be provided by the Sindh Government for the poor people for cheaper transport like allowing permits for four wheel Suzuki vans.

Attaullah, Ahmed, Hafiz, Tauqeer and others said that authorities must enforce proper traffic rules as Larkana city is already facing worst traffic jams since long due to massive encroachments, large number of buffaloes and allowing of heavy vehicles into the city during peak morning & evening hours which cause tremendous problems including cleanliness & environment pollution. They said cattle pans should be established quickly to shift the buffaloes out of city otherwise problem will never be resolved.

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