CITY: (Digital billboards displaying glamorous model girls pose potential road safety threat)

ISLAMABAD: Road Safety Expert Mohammad Shahid has appealed the authorities to take notice against the increased use of Digital Billboards throughout the country’s roads and urged the policy makers to enforce stronger regulations in this regard, for the best interest of people.

In a statement here on Sunday, he said that many developed countries including major US cities, have banned the digital advertising billboards, pointing out that unlike mobile phones, the drivers cannot switch them off. He also appreciated the CDA and Islamabad Police for launching an operation against illegally-installed billboards in the city.

“The use of seductive model girls advertising glamorous products in eye-grabbing huge electronic billboards with bright colours and constantly changing images, beside a busiest road, seriously pose a potential safety hazard by resulting in all concentration from driving to be lost and leading to a definite risk of a road accident occurring,” said Mohammad Shahid, who is also founder of the Road Safety First.

Digital Billboards normally change images every 4 to 10 seconds, flashing multiple messages from one or more advertisers on the same sign, the Road Safety Expert said, claiming that majority of motorists were being affected by the roadside distractions when driving.

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