CITY: (Renovation of fragile energy distribution network demanded)

ISLAMABAD: President Society Watch Khalid Mahmoud on Sunday said faulty energy transmission and distribution system is a threat to existing as well as new power projects.

In a statement issued here, he said government in investing heavily in new power projects to settle energy crisis and it should also improve transmission and distribution system lest all investment prove futile.

He said situation will not improve unless equal attention is paid to the infirm electricity and gas transmission and distribution network.

The infirm network is hampering provision of available electricity and gas, limiting distribution of energy generated by new and old power plants which is adding to burden on public exchequer, he added.

He said T&D network is backbone of the energy system but many former governments had totally ignored this critical sector which has resulted in wastage of electricity worth Rs 180 billion per annum, while has worth Rs 30 billion is also wasted.

The government needs to lure local and foreign investors to invest heavily to strengthen and modernise T&D network which requires increased incentives, he said, adding that T&D network is a major bottleneck in properly linking power projects with national grid and distributing energy among masses and commercial.

The existing old-fashioned gas infrastructure cannot sustain the pressure of gas from Iran or Turkmenistan therefore it must be improved immediately otherwise all efforts to tame energy crisis through Iran gas will go down the drain, he warned.

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