Close useless govt depts to end fund wastage

KARACHI:,,, Parliamentary leader of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf in Sindh Assembly Samar Ali Khan has asked to close inefficient and useless government department and give golden handshake to incompetent government employees recruited by violation of merit, to save precious budgetary funds of Sindh province from sheer wastage.

Taking part in the general debate on Sindh budget in Sindh assembly Thursday, he said when Karachi faces immense civic issues and drastic water shortage what is the rationale of running inefficient departments like Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB). He advised to take the bitter pill and closed all such useless government department and say goodbye to their incompetent employees.

He regretted that there is lack of seriousness in Sindh government. He said Karachi faces immense problems, while rural Sindh areas depicts scene of a Hiroshima like destruction. He said innocent children of Sindh are found begging on streets and cleaning windscreen of cars. He regretted that those elements represent people of Sindh who have nothing to do with the people of Sindh. He said the role of Sindh government is reduced to a big employment agency, which provides jobs to incompetent people so that they could give vote to the ruling politicians in next election.

He asked to withdraw taxes by curtailing non-development expenditure. He asked to give a serious attention to education and healthcare. He said in the present5 conditions the benefits of Sindh budget would not trickle down to the Sindhi masses.

Samar Ali Khan said 53percent of children in Sindh province having age up to five years brave malnutrition and it would end in their retarded growth. He said 34percent population of Jacobabad suffers from hepatitis-C. He said a big government hospital building is present in Badin without sufficient doctors and paramedics. He said the government has spent millions of rupees to buy a modern CT Scan machine for the Badin hospital, but there is no technician to operate it, so this costly machine is yet to be opened.

He said literacy ratio of Sri Lanka is 92percent, India 72 percent, Bangladesh 75 percent and Pakistan 55percent, but sadly the literacy ratio in Sindh is just 37percent, which is too below even if compared to average Pakistani literacy ratio. He said the precious financial resources of poor province like Sindh should not be wasted on programs like Sindh Festival. He said the State should provide free of cost education and healthcare to all its citizens.

He advised the Sindh government to bring tax collection reforms. He regretted that as per news there is no fulltime secretary of Sindh Revenue Board. He said all taxes on low income people including motorcyclists should be withdrawn. He asked to hand over poor performing government departments like STEVTA to competent private organizations and philanthropists.

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