CMCH’s seven dialysis machines out of order

LARKANA: Out of 18 dialysis machines, seven are faulty since long at the only dialysis centre of Larkana division, established in Chandka Medical College Hospital Larkana.

The 21-bed capacity Nephrology Department is running without qualified Nephrologist, causing tremendous losses of precious human lives. Dialysis Centre has not yet been shifted to new place despite passage of several years.

Out of these 18 machines, eleven are reserved for Hepatitis negative patients, but only eight are working and three are non-functional. Six machines are reserved for Hepatitis C positive patients out of which only two are working and four are non-working.

One machine is reserved for Hepatitis B positive patients. As many as 40 plus kidney-failure patients arrive here daily in three shifts to get dialysis for which each is charged Rs 50. Nobody knows where this amount is spent and who is getting it which should be thoroughly probed.

This amount is collected in the name of maintaining these machines but the record shows that no work has been carried out as most of the machines are out of order since long. Head of Department is not available since last nine months and it is either managed by a urologist or a doctor from other sections which too shows that things have worsened for which only poor people are suffering despite payment of taxes.

Hepatitis C patients are given less time than fixed four hours due to shortage of machines and there is no machine for paeds patients at all since the birth of this centre. Reliable sources further said that due to non-functioning of these dialysis machines many patients are getting this facility from other centres costing them extra on travelling to keep them alive.

This Dialysis Centre was to be shifted to a new renovated place in old Casualty Block which too has been delayed for years for unknown reasons as the water in the existing facility has been determined unfit for dialysis after PCSIR tests as the Rice Canal flows nearby it.

The vacated place will be utilized for the benefit of poor patients suffering from various urological ailments as there are only 36 beds for entire urology patients out of which 24 are reserved for males and twelve for children & females. Will the rulers take notice of the shortcomings forthwith and provide immediate relief is a billion rupees question which the bureaucrats will have to answer.

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