CNG sector being subjected to forced bankruptcy

KARACHI: Central Chairman of APCNGA Capt. (Retd) Raja Shuja Anwar on Wednesday said CNG sector was being subjected to forced bankruptcy at the hands of the government across the country, which will not be permitted under any circumstances.

The weather has been normalised but the CNG stations are not allowed to resume operations leaving tens of thousands of workers jobless and forcing CNG owners into severe financial difficulties, he said.

He said that forced closure of CNG outlets in Punjab since Nov 10 last year was against the rules, law, ground realities, interests and rights of the masses. Capt. (Retd) Shuja added that CNG closure was contributing to enhanced consumption of liquid fuels putting forex reserves and rupee under pressure.

He said that CNG sector, which is fully dependent on natural gas, was facing repressive taxation and irrational pricing mechanism. “Our problems must be resolved immediately; otherwise, we will launch a protest with the help of transporters country wide,” he warned.

He said that CNG sector was being taken towards forced closure/bankruptcy resulting in reducing billions of worth investment to rubble thru fifth straight month that outlets were closed while duration of gas load shedding had been enhanced in Sind and reduced supplies in KP through intentional lowering of pressure.

“The business of many CNG owners has been destroyed but those who matter are still unmoved which speaks volumes about their apathy. APCNGA will not rest unless CNG stations are reopened and issue resolved. CNG is the only sector of the country which has no other alternative to natural gas; therefore, it should get preference under all circumstances lest it crumbles. We have summoned an important meeting of all stakeholders on March 26 at Islamabad to review disappointing situation and finalise plans for protest,” Shuja concluded.

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