Concern shown over hindrance in establishment of KU medical college

KARACHI: Chairman, Action Committee for Karachi University Medical College, Shamoon Noushad on Thursday said hindrance in establishment of medical college and hospital in University of Karachi (KU) and disaffiliation of private medical colleges is a pre-planned conspiracy to destroy national institution like KU.

This he stated during a press conference organized by Action committee for KU Medical College at Karachi Press Club. General Secretary Huzaifa Sarfaraz, Joint Secretary Zeeshan Ahmed and Mahnoor were also present on this occasion.

Shamoon said it had come to our notice through very reliable sources that the vice-chancellor KU had been ordered to stop the establishment of medical college and hospital at KU. He said it was also ordered to cancel the affiliation of private medical colleges with KU. and he said the decision was totally not understandable for students.

He said KU students strongly feel some people in Karachi were trying to destroy our university and they were acting to damage the oldest institution of city by suffocating it and trying to stop its progress. He said it was unfortunate that the Government of Sindh was not able to release and increase the funding of university and on other side the cartel of co-called private universities were united to act against the progress of KU.

He said owners of private universities were trying to stop proper functioning of this public sector university for the benefit of the owners of private medical colleges and universities competing with public university and public medical colleges in Karachi.

Shamoon Noushad said students of university believed that KU should open a medical college and 600-bed hospital for the poor citizens of Karachi. He said no medical college or university had facilities comparable to KU as majority of those private colleges had no proper building and faculty.

He said private medical colleges charge enormous fee, forced donation and special fee and admitting students in colleges which have minimal facilities, minimal faculty and space.

He said: “KU has all established facilities which are necessary for the establishment of medical college, department & units like Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Microbiology, clinical psychology, pathology, virology, Health & Physical Education and others. He said university has five major research institutes and biggest scientific center. No other university and college are involved in this kind of research because they are only making money from medical students, he explained.

He said there are 20 medical colleges and seven new private medical colleges will be established this year, unfortunately out of these 27 only four medical college in public sector.

He demanded of the Chief Minister Sindh to take notice of this situation and allow KU to open proposed medical college and set up 600-bed hospital. He urged the chief minister to cancel the directives issued in this regard.

He also requested the industrialist, citizens and people like Abdul Sattar Edhi, Deputy Speaker Sindh and Faisal Sabzwari to come forward for the construction of free 600-bed hospital in the premises of KU because the owners of private hospitals were only interested in making money instead of providing services of poor patients.

He said Action Committee for Karachi University Medical College would hold protest demonstration and approach court if these decisions could not be withdrawn in coming days.

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