Corruption-free society still distant dream

Karachi: Lukewarm action against some front men of corruption kings and a sharp reaction of some political elements show that a corruption-free society in Pakistan is still a distant dream. Till there are sympathizers, supporters and apologizers of corruption kings in our political ranks and files a massive and decisive drive against corruption could not be launched in Pakistan.

The vision of an Islamic welfare state can be accomplished only if corruption is eradicated from society, says Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) former lawmaker Mohammad Yunus Barai. He said the corruption has become a cancer that has already spread to every sector in Pakistan. He said the recent steps taken by FIA and NAB to expose big fish of corruption are a sigh of relief for Pakistani masses. He said those making hue are cry against these actions are only exposing their relations to the corruption mafias. He demanded fair and free elections in the country so that people could elect an honest leadership instead of hereditary corrupt politicians. He said making Pakistan a true Islamic welfare state is the answer to all problems faced by this nation and country.

Corruption has eroded Pakistani society everywhere. Trillions of rupees of development funds go every year to pockets of corruption mafia. The evil nexus between rulers and corrupt contractors eats up almost whole development budget in poorly governed provinces of Pakistan. When the ruling quarters themselves become partner in corruption business, it is hard to even think of making a welfare society.

Tehreek-e-Istiqlal President Rehmat Khan Wardag says corruption mafia has looted trillions of rupees and sent them to foreign countries. He said unless this looted money is brought back to Pakistan and spent on the welfare of the downtrodden masses the dream of a corruption-free society could not be materialized. He said the State Bank of Pakistan should publish the lists of all those people who have got their loans offset. He said it is the high time to tell the nation who has benefit from this loan remit scam. He said big fish of corruption are present in all provinces and they should be taken to the task even handedly.

It is suggested that the army or rangers should monitor or even head the main anti-corruption bodied like NAB, FIA and anti-corruption departments to ensure the success of the national action plan. This is critically necessary because corruption money is closely involved in terrorism and anti-social activities, especially in the sensitive parts of the country.

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