Counterfeit goods flood markets

Karachi: Counterfeit goods have become a serious problem for Pakistan as it has been declared 13th top rank country in the world, where fake medicines and consumer products are being manufactured and sold freely.

In Pakistani markets 55% drugs, 65% consumer goods and 80% electronic items are counterfeit, claimed Umar Ghauri, Chairman Consumers Eye Pakistan-TCEP addressing a seminar on occasion of World Anti Counterfeiting Day 2015.

He said that selling of counterfeit foodstuffs including, edible oil, bottled water, tea, soft drinks and baby food is also on the rise. Spurious soaps and cosmetics do not undergo safety tests and some ingredients used in them can affect eyesight, harm the skin by causing dryness or allergies. He said that counterfeit perfumes can also be dangerous, as their contents are never subject to safety tests.

Similarly, he said, the poor quality pirated books, CDs and DVDs and spare parts of machineries are also being sold all over the country.

He said that the economic development of any country depends on sustained creativity. He stressed the need to combat counterfeiting and piracy seriously. He stressed that intellectual property is more valuable than the physical property and should be adequately protected.

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