Deep sea trawler owners demand policy

KARACHI: Deep Sea Fishing Trawler Association (DSFTA) on Wednesday rejected criticism on it and declared that curbs against it would not be in the interest of the nations and country.

DSFTA leaders Asad Iqbal Gul, Altaf Aziz and Sheikh Imtiyaz Puri addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club (KPC) said that Deep Sea Fishing Trawlers give exchequer to the country; however, some vested interests are spreading negative and fabricated news against this sector.

Asad said that according to the fishing policy of the government of Pakistan, license holders of Deep Sea Fishing can catch fish after 20 nautical miles with tight surveillance and with an inspector of Marine Fisheries department present on each trawler.

He said that license holders pay different charges in dollars and they also bound to keep 50% local crew. They said the trawlers catch that fish that are out of reach of local fishers. They said due to less developed trawler sector in Pakistan mostly the trawlers from other countries get benefit from the deep sea fishing.

Gul said that deep sea fishing is extremely important and government gets huge revenue and foreign exchequer by it. He stressed the need for more employment and vocational training opportunities for local peoples. “If we will not continue the deep sea fishing then other countries would take advantage of it,” he said.

He appealed the government that they should improve deep sea fishing sector and make an attractive policy to boost this business.

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