Defence Day: (President, PM reiterate nation’s resolve to protect country’s sovereignty)

ISLAMABAD: President Mamnoon Hussain and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif have declared resolve of the nation to protect sovereignty and security of Pakistan at all costs.

In their separate messages on the golden jubilee celebrations of Defence of Pakistan Day on Sunday, they said we are fully aware of the conspiracies and tactics of the enemies.

President Mamnoon Hussain reiterated that Pakistan is a peace loving country and it wants peace in the region. However, its desire for peace must not be construed as weakness. He said Pakistani nation and its armed forces can go to any extent in securing its borders and safeguarding its sovereignty.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan is a responsible and peaceful nuclear power. He said, : We want to have good and peaceful relations with all our neighbours on the basis of sovereign equality: .

He said the display of national unity has made it clear to all enemies of Pakistan that the nation stands united in the face of any threat to national security and integrity. The Pakistani nation, the armed forces and other law enforcement agencies are determined to eliminate the scourge of terrorism from the country.

The President and the Prime Minister paid tributes to all those who laid down their lives and lost their loved ones in 1965 and 1971 wars and the on-going war against terrorism.

They said we remain committed to modernization and up-gradation of professional capabilities of our armed forces. The Government is fully conscious that professional readiness, determination and courage are guarantors of an independent nation.

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