Demand to prioritize, revolutionize education

KARACHI: “Karachiites reject preferring election over education. By-polls in Karachi are not more important than matriculation exams of hundreds of thousands boy and girl students of Karachi. We demand to reschedule the date of by-polls on NA-246 instead of disturbing the scheduled examination of ninth and tenth class in the city,” asked speakers of protest a demo against rescheduling of Matriculation exam dates, in front of Karachi Press Club (KPC) here Saturday.

A large number of students, parents, teachers and citizens attended the demo, organized by Pasban e Pakistan. Holding banners and placards they raised pro-education slogan of “Education over Election”.

Addressing the demo Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor said: “Education is the most neglected sector in Pakistan, especially Sindh province, where ghost teachers, bribery, political interference and inept bureaucracy are ruining future of our young generation.”

He said the rulers have never been sincere to the cause of education, as they know that if the younger generation is educated there would be no place for Waderas, feudal lords, corrupt tycoons, Pir and Mirs in parliament. He said a few families have been ruling the country, adding the same families had also served the British rulers and helped them crushing the freedom fighters in this region. He said these spineless Waders and feudal lords in every era have shown willingness to sell their soul for money. He said now it is high time that this corrupt privileged elite class is ousted from the political arena for good.

Altaf Shakoor demanded to revolutionize the education sector, giving utmost focus to promote agriculture and technical education. He asked that agricultural and technical colleges should be opened in whole country at district level to train our young manpower in the fields that have great market demand now. He said that technical education courses leading to diplomas and degrees should also be introduced in all seminaries and madarisas so that bridge the gap between seminary and school education. He said the role of open universities and distance learning should be further widened and the government should subsidize the fees of these institutions.

He demanded that the examination system from the Matriculation should be changed into computer-based multiple choice tests and the ages old exam system of writing answers on paper copied should be abolished as it the main cause of bribery in education department and killing of merit. He reminded that the corrupt officials in education boards are minting millions by killing of merit. He demanded that NTS tests should be mandatory for all new and old teachers and those teachers irrespective of their years of service fail to pass these tests should be sacked or sent to training schools to get education and training afresh.

Altaf Shakoor said if Pakistan is really willing to attain its due status in the fast global competition it must have to give a serious focus to revolutionize its education system. He said the best national brains should be engaged in education sector instead of relying on inept bureaucracy that is good for nothing. He demanded that the plan of Dr Atta-ur Rehman to open modern universities with the assistant of foreign countries that was abruptly scrapped by Zardari regime should be restarted to introduce modern education culture based on merit in fair competition in Pakistan.

On the occasion, Pasban general secretary and candidate for by-polls on NA-246 Karachi Usman Moazzam said that disturbing the schedule of Matriculation examination in Karachi due to the by-polls is unacceptable. He said education of children in more important than politics. He said the rulers should opt for change in the schedule of by-polls on NA-246 Karachi, instead of changing the exam schedule. He said the Wadera government of Sindh is insensitive about the issues of education in Karachi. He said the illiterate rulers can continue their government not by promoting education, but by promoting illiteracy.

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