Demand to remove garbage from varsity land

Karachi: The students, teachers and parents have demanded to remove garbage from a piece of Karachi University land opposite the Silver Jubilee gate of the campus and use it as a park or playground to facilitate students and give the vicinity a civic look

They said negligence and failure of administration of Karachi University bureaucracy has resulted in making a spacious campus land into a garbage dumping ground, giving a sorry look to the vicinity of the premier university of Pakistan.

A vast plot on the main University Road track leading towards NIPA Chowrangi has become a landfill site where garbage trucks dump liter and debris of the area. These small garbage hills are visible to hundreds of thousands of people who travel or commute from Safoora Chowrangi side to NIPA Chowrangi and other downtown areas. These garbage hills stretch from the KU Zoological Garden up the Silver Jubilee Gate on the opposite side of the road. When teachers and students crosses pedestrian bridge to reach from the Silver Jubilee Gate to bus stop on the other side of the road, they face this garbage and liter and wait near this garbage for minibuses.

Nowhere in world garbage dumps and landfill sites are allowed in the vicinity of educational centers, but in Karachi these garbage dumps and landfill sites have been established not only in front of a major university of the city, but also on the campus land. When the administration of Karachi University is unmoved to this blatant misuse of its land the other agencies including Gulshan-e-Iqbal town would certainly not care.

The citizens and students have requested the vice chancellor of Karachi University, Commissioner Karachi and administrators of KMC and Gulshan-e-Iqbal town to take notice of the garbage dumps on the campus land and order their early removal and development of the vacant campus land into a garden, car parking lot and such other facilities to give the area an urbane look and uphold the sanctity of this respected premier varsity of Pakistan.

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