DIG for increasing fine on shoddy driving schools

KARACHI: Karachi Licence Department Deputy Inspector General Aftab Pathan on Thursday proposed to Home Department, government of Sindh to increase the amount of fine from Rs 200 to Rs 0.1 million against the shoddy motor training schools that are being violating the traffic rule No. 23 and failed to providing training to learner drivers as per the international standards in the metropolis.

Talking to PPI, DIG said, they have already written an official letter to Home Department and other relevant departments requesting them to increase the fine money as the current fine of Rs 200 is too low which should be increased by Rs0.1 million so that sense of responsibility could be instilled among owners of motor training schools to follow the law and provide training as per the international standards.

DIG said 90 percent of motor training schools are violating the traffic rule 23 in which they are bound to provide basic training of engine to learner drivers besides giving them training of checking tyre pressure and water level in radiator. He said it is also mandatory for them to have dual operating systems in their driving training vehicles so as to avoid any untoward incident during the training.

Aftab regretted that as per previous survey of his department 85 percent of driving schools are not registered with the Karachi Licence Department and being operated without having valid licence issued from the department. DIG said 90 percent of these driving schools have no proper workshops and they are working in small shops and also serving as estate agencies, etc, which is against to law. He said these driving training schools are not providing better training to learner drivers in the city. He warned the owners of those driving schools to bring reforms in their schools; otherwise, stern action would be taken against them.

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