District administration imposes 144PPC

SIALKOT: District Administration of Sialkot has imposed section 144 PPC in Sialkot for safeguarding the local seasonal Naullahs Bhed and Aik from dumping of garbage, trash and effluent.

Sialkot District Coordination Officer (DCO) Nadeem Sarwar said that the dumping of effluent in Naullahs Bhed and Aik by the local tanneries, private hospitals, clinics, hotels and the others has been banned in Sialkot under section 144 PPC, with a sole aim to purge this Naullah from effluent and encroachments by everyone.

He said at present both of these seasonal Naullahs were badly silted up due to larger scale dumping of the effluent and garbage by the local tanneries, private hospitals, clinics, factories and the others in these Naullahs.

He said that this nasty practice should be a point of grave concern and an eye opener for everyone as well.

He said now the time was ripe for everyone to wake up now.

He said that all the concerned officials of the revenue, environment and irrigation departments and Sialkot TMA have been clearly directed to take the stern legal action under section 144 PPC against those who will dump effluent in these Naullahs , creating encroachments in and along the banks of Naullah Bhed, besides, registering cases against all the accused , in this regard.

He said that saving the said Naullahs from effluent and environmental pollution was the joint responsibility of every one and everyone should come forward to play a pivotal role for this noble cause.

He said that the strict warning notices have been issued to all the tanneries around these Naullahs, local private hospitals, clinics and hotels for stopping them to dump their effluent in these Naullahs, warning them that now stern legal action would be taken under section 144 PPC if anyone would be found dumping effluent in these Naullahs, which were swollen due to the blockages caused by the massive dumping of effluent and garbage, flooding the Sialkot city in September 2014, in this regard. They were also being bounded not to dump their effluent there in future.

He added that the long term multi-phased master planning was being chalked out in Sialkot to protect the Naullahs Bhed and Aik in Sialkot city, in a bid to avert the recurring flood threats, besides, saving Sialkot city from the flash floods in future…#

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