DKT Pakistan opens e-health facility in Ilyas Goth

KARACHI: In a first of its kind initiative DKT Pakistan inaugurated the first doctHERs e-health facility Tuesday in their Dhanak clinic in Ilyas Goth, Karachi.

An international social franchising organization that came to Pakistan in 2012, DKT Pakistan has been striving to provide better family planning and health care services to the people of the country. Having established 850 Dhanak clinics around the country, DKT Pakistan is now extending their services with the addition of a quality health examination facility in collaboration with doctHERs.

The facility which was inaugurated in Ilyas Goth at DKT Pakistan’s existing clinic allows a qualified doctor to be connected with the lady health worker/nurse through a virtual screen. The doctor will guide the nurse regarding how to examine the patient and explain his/her symptoms to the doctor for any medical test that needs to be conducted or prescription of medications that are required. This facility is open to general examination and not only restricted to family planning services. The virtual presence of the doctor will not only contribute towards extended healthcare facilities being provided to the community but will also add to better handling in the case of any advanced cases related to family planning.

The inauguration of the Ilyas Goth facility is the first after the recent MoU signing between DKT Pakistan and doctHERs. doctHERs is a novel healthcare marketplace that connects female doctors to millions of underserved patients in real-time while leveraging technology.

Regarding the inauguration Amara Ashraf, Brand Lead DKT Pakistan said: At DKT Pakistan we are committed to providing better health care facilities to the people of our country. We are very pleased to introduce this new facility in collaboration with doctHERs in Ilyas Goth. This is only the first phase of the project and we look forward to providing the same facility in most of our Dhanak clinics across the country in the months to come.

A number of patients, male and female were seen visiting the Dhanak clinic on the day of the inauguration to get checkups done by the nurse with the assistance of the virtual doctor.

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