Dream of getting laptop turns sour for many KU students

Karachi: Many students who had great expectation to get laptops when they received several Higher Education Commission (HEC) emails and following a message on their cell phones to collect laptop from university on the eve of distribution day, could not get the promised laptops.

These students received many HEC emails telling them on what dates to reach the university to collect laptops along with other peripherals. HEC also sent messages on the eve of the collection of laptops to different students on different dates.

“This is not fair that when you have emailed us so many times and also messaged us to collect laptops and after that when we reach happily to collect our laptop, the university officials tell you that you are ineligible,” one weeping girl at Karachi University said, requesting for anonymity fearing retribution from university officials.

“At least they should have told us the reason why we have been categorized as ineligible. They should have handled it properly. This is very traumatic for us. These people are playing with our emotions,” another student said.

“I guess I had once applied and had my NTN number in order to receive a cheque for my freelance services. I think these people has accessed to that and made us ineligible,” he said.

There were no officials to either confirm that or refute it. Meanwhile, the students had difficulty reaching the distribution desk as it was guarded by rangers, who didn’t allow anyone to approach the desk without the ever soaring queue.

“They are not telling us why we are ineligible, they are only telling us that we will not get the laptops,” another student said.

Few of university officials who talked on the subject, criticized the concerned university officials, while others criticized HEC for building communication gap.

“They (concerned officials) are telling students that the lists have been sent to them by HEC, while the students received congratulatory emails from HEC and also reminder messages to collect their laptops. It is difficult to say who is at fault,” a university official said asking for anonymity.

HEC either should have avoided sending too many emails or given laptops, which they pretended to give to all the students, who received emails.

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