Drone strikes‏ LI hideouts at Afghan Nazian area on the border with Khyber Agency

LANDIKOTAL: Three Drone missiles struck LI hideouts at Afghan Nazian area on the border with Khyber Agency. Local and administration sources have confirmed that US unmanned Drone fired three missiles to target Lashkare. Islam bases at Nazian Afghan area which is situated on the very border with Mazatal area of Sepah tribe in distant Tirrah valley. Casualties figures are yet to be confirmed.

The Assistant Political Agent Bara sub division of Khyber Agency Nasir Khan and Tehsildar Naik Muhammad while updating a Pushto radio medium confirmed the Drone strikes in the bordering area between Nazian and Mazatal, but they could not confirm that the attacks took place in the Pakistani area.

Nazian is a local community of Afghan Ningarhar province which has only a small mountain mound bordering with Mazatal, an area of Sepah tribe of Afridi,  which is considered a strong bastion of the banned Lashkar Islam.

Local sources informed that they witnessed the Drone in the sky when it fired three missiles towards Nazian area where some of the LI fighters are reported to have stationed for a long time.

It is to be recalled that Mangal Bagh led LI fighters fought the Afghan Taliban for a few weeks at Nazian area to maintain their sway on that local community. In a reaction to the gun battle with Afghan Taliban,  the Mangal Bagh recently ordered the Afghan Nazian families, living since long in Bara, to vacate Bara and leave forthwith or face the music.

The Afghan Nazian families elders had reportedly held many rounds of talks with the leadership of LI to sort out the issue of their migration,  but in vain.

The current Drone strikes have been reported to have struck the LI hideouts at Nazian,  an Afghan area,  but casualties and killing of any key militant leaders have not been confirmed yet, sources concluded.

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