Elections 2013 were rigged

Peshawar: Provincial Minister Shah Farman has contradicted a news item appearing in the Press casting doubts over the 2013 Elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa saying that it is the stand of PTI that the elections 2013 were rigged by known individuals and known institutions and the rigging took place to facilitate the win of PML-N in Punjab.

It has become the “talk of the street” after the raising of awareness level of man in the street. The credit for raising the awareness level of layman goes to the record Dharna in Islamabad. Mr. Ibrahim spoke out his own cocked story in the press statement, he added.

In a rejoinder Shah Farman said that mandate of PTI in KP is not stage -managed and doubting the PTI mandate in KP is something fabricating a new concept to divert attention of the people from the real issue of rigging in the whole Punjab. The empirical study showed the ground realities that the poll rigging was unparalleled in Punjab . Professor Ibrahim is mistaken. He is aware of the poll rigging in Punjab.

Mr. Shah Farman reminded that idea of including representatives of Intelligence Agencies in the Judicial Commission to investigate the poll rigging was not floated by Imran Khan or other PTI leadership but the intelligence agencies came to participate in the talks at the behest of Prime Minister, his cronies and stooges who formally requested the Army Chief to facilitate the talk and later went back and did not own it but the ISPR endorsed that the intelligence agencies took part in the talk following the formal request of Prime Minister.

He went on saying that there should be no doubt about the PTI stand on the poll rigging as the PML-N leadership had the background of coming to the corridor of power through manipulated and stage-managed mandate. This is what the checkered history of this unfortunate country tells us.

He reaffirmed his firm commitment to struggle for toppling the Government of fake mandate by which the present rulers got to the helm of affairs and carrying out decision making for the whole of the nation. When it was proved that mass scale rigging took place then the rulers did not have the moral and legal standing to represent the nation.

Shah Farman reminded that when the Election Commission ordered probe for one of the polling stations of PK-10, he welcomed and facilitates the auditing and recounting for the complete constituency.

The PTI expects the same gesture from other political forces and the Elections Commission should pass on the same orders to the allegedly rigged provincial constituencies or NA seats in Punjab. Similar probe would bring to light what exactly happened in the general elections 2012-13.

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