Encroachments in Saddar on the rise

KARACHI: Encroachments are on the rise in Karachi’s most important area, Saddar, and it seems that authorities concerned do not feel any responsibility to remove them forever. It has been witnessed that encroachments are removed for some days in one or two moths but same are re-established after a week or less than it.

From the opening of new Preedy Street to Regal Chowk, most part of the road and footpaths are occupied by the encroachers leaving little space for bikes, cars, other vehicles and pedestrians.

Traffic jams in the area are routine even in the presence of traffic personnel who cannot do anything for smooth flow of traffic since long as there is not enough space for the vehicles to go through.

The encroachers have occupied most part of the footpaths and roads where cabins, pushcarts and tables have been installed illegally. The anti-encroachment department also seems to be inactive in taking permanent actions against illegally established stalls. It seems that authorities do have the capacity to remove the encroachments as they do not exercise their powers against this encroachers.

The officials of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, traffic police and other relevant bodies should visit Saddar to see the encroachments and remove them forever as Saddar is the main area of the international city, Karachi.

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