Envoy: (OIC in cooperation with the UN capable to deal with the longstanding dispute of Kashmir: Maleeha tells Security Council)

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi has told the Security Council that the OIC in cooperation with the UN has the capability to deal with the longstanding dispute of Kashmir and address the Middle East’s current security challenges.

According to a press release received here on Wednesday from New York, speaking in the Security Council debate on “Regional Organizations and Contemporary Challenges of Global Security”, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative said that OIC is also capable of promoting global peace and security.

Underlining its unique character she said the organisation includes 57 UN member states and spans four continents that today confront imposing security challenges.

Pakistan’s UN envoy told the 15-member Council while some regional organizations had proved their worth while others, like the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), had much potential but have yet to fulfil that promise. SAARC, she pointed, has been “constrained because of the deep differences among its members and attempts to utilize it for regional domination.

”Focusing on the need to address the root causes of conflict around the world, Ambassador Lodhi called upon the UN to actively promote cooperation with the OIC in areas such as mediation and conciliation of disputes; peacekeeping and peace building; humanitarian assistance, especially to refugees and displaced people.

She said that the Council was meeting at a time of unprecedented and complex global and regional challenges. “Large parts of the Middle East are in flames, afflicted by multiple inter and intra state conflicts, the spread of terrorism, external intervention and power struggles, and massive human dislocation and suffering”.

She said that confrontation between the major powers had returned to Europe and threatened to encompass Asia. “Poverty stalks Africa and persists in South Asia”, she added.

She warned the Security Council that the global threats to peace and world order were multiplying from diverse sources, including climate change, poverty, unemployment, water scarcity, record number of refugees and forced migrants, and the gross violations of human rights.

But, Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi declared, “this is also a time of opportunity”. She said that an interconnected and interdependent world possesses the financial, scientific and organizational capabilities to address these imposing and myriad challenges.

“What is needed is political will, especially among key global and regional powers, to utilize these capabilities effectively and cooperatively”. She urged leading global regional powers to rise above their narrow interests and competing agendas.”

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