Even-handed approach urged for Karachi peace

Karachi: The missing of Pasban general secretary Usman Moazzam may jeopardize the success of Karachi operation and his urgent recovery is necessary for the cause of peace in the city, said Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor, addressing a crowded press conference at Karachi Press Club (KPC) here on Wednesday.

He said his party, Pasban, fully supports the Karachi operation against terrorists and criminals so that peace could be fully restored in the city; however, when no difference is made between law abiding citizens and terrorists the transparency of this whole exercise might be affected. He said Usman Moazzam is a well-known social and political figure of Karachi and his missing is a very serious issue. He said Pasban, fully believing in the uphold of law and constitution, has adopted the legal ways for seeking recovery of Usman Moazzam and his sons, Saad Siddiqui and Mohammad Siddiqui.

He said that during the by-polls on NA-246 Karachi, Usman Moazzam had raised the demand to make Karachi a province. He asked if the family of Usman Moazzam is being punished for this crime. He said Pasban has already announced that it is ready to cooperate with the government and all government institution for the success of Karachi operation. He said serious efforts are needed to improve law and order in Karachi and elsewhere in the country. He suggested that for a success of the Karachi operation the law enforcing agencies should sharply differentiate between the law abiding citizens and the law breakers.

The wife of Usman Moazzam, Suboohi Moazzam, on the occasion, said his husband who had filed a constitutional petition in Sindh High Court for the recovery of their missing son Saad Siddiqui was whisked away from his residence. She said it a bid to restrain us seeking the legal remedy for the recovery of our missing son. She said when on the night between 19th and 20th July law enforcing personnel arrested her husband and son from their residence they also adopted the legal means and wrote letters to all concerned authorities. She said her husband is a well-known citizen and general secretary of a registered political party. Even his political opponents praise his social and political work and his whole life and career is spotless. She said the missing of her husband is a painful act for all patriotic citizens.

Pasban e Pakistan senior vice president Engineer Aftabuddin Siddiqui said the struggle of Pasban spanning over two decades shows that we have always promoted the national unity and solidarity to oppose ethnicity, and negative, narrow and interest-based politics. He said Usman Moazzam has played a key role in getting rid Karachi from the state of fear and he has always raised a strong voice for progress and prosperity of the city. He said the longest replicas of cricket bat and Ghouri missile, setting up a tenet sewing facility at Hassan Square for facilitating the earthquake affected people, collective marriage programs and other social activities go to the credit of Pasban.

He said when Pasban felt that due to unjust distribution of resources, the socio-economic problems of Karachi and other parts of the country were on the rise, it demanded making new provinces on pure administrative grounds and to make Karachi a province to initiate this process. He said Usman Moazzam ran his election campaign for NA-246 on social issues. He asked why the arrest of Usman Moazzam is not officially accepted despite the passage of one month and why the FIR of his missing was not being lodged. He demanded to recover Usman Moazzam immediately to ensure uphold of law and constitution.

Pasban leaders, vice president Abdul Hakim Quaid, Tariq Chandiwalla, Sheikh Mohammad Shakeel, Sardar Zulfiqar and others were present.

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