Experts call for preventive measures to check swine flu

KARACHI: More than 700 people in India have died from swine flu and the disease has infected more than 11, 0000 people, reports revealed.

They said the outbreak of H1N1, commonly known as swine flu, is believed to be the India’s worst since 2009, and the total number of cases has more than doubled since 11 February 2015. The elderly people, young children, pregnant women, diabetics, and HIV patients are most likely to develop complications from H1N1 infections.

Indian government has urged officials to ensure sufficient supply of anti-flu medication and diagnostic tests as it struggles to curb an outbreak of H1N1 influenza that’s killed more than 700 people in the last eight weeks.

The panic is spread in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Telangana, Delhi and Occupied Jammu & Kashmir as they are the worst-affected by the outbreak. The health experts said it’s difficult to say why the death rates this year are so high.

The symptoms of diseases include high fever, sore throat, fatigue, chills and headaches. The disease has been spreading rapidly.

However, President Pakistan Medical Association Karachi Dr Idress Adhi while talking to PPI news agency urged the Provincial Government of Sindh and general public to adopt precautionary measures to prevent masses particularly in Karachi from swine flu after reporting of many cases in India. He said handling the swine flu is much difficult once the disease hits any country.

He offered full support to provincial and federal governments on the behalf of doctors and PMA in case of any emergency. He said health sector in Sindh province has already been facing serious crisis due to corruption and mismanagement and in case any medical emergency hits the province it will become very difficult for inept healthcare authorities to handle it.

Senior leader of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Center Dr SM Qaiser Sajjajd, when contacted, urged the provincial authorities to ensure proper monitoring and screening of people who are coming from India.

He demanded of the provincial government to immediately establish a digital Virology Lab in Sindh province as viral diseases are on the rise in the country as well as in the province of Sindh.

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