Experts concern on growing diabetic cases

KARACHI: Renowned Endocrinologist of Liaquat National Hospital Karachi, Dr Saeed A Mehar on Wednesday said diabetes cases are increasing at an alarming rate in Pakistan as more than 7.1million people living with diabetes in the country and many of them undiagnosed and unaware.

He shared these views while addressing a press conference in connection of World Diabetes Day 2014 at Karachi Press Club.

Cardiologist, National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Prof Zia Yaqoob, Gynecologist Dr Shabeen Naaz Masood and Dietician Salma Siddiqui were also present.

Dr Saeed said rapidly growing trend of diabetes, affecting 382 million people worldwide, and being the cause after one death every eight second, making in one of most common non-communicable global diseases and fourth leading cause of death in the world.

Dr Shabeen Naaz Masood said diabetes occurs in women during pregnancy called ‘baby sugar’ and disease generally appears without any prior symptoms. She said diabetes during pregnancy is very dangerous for both women and child. She said three time diabetes test during pregnancy is very essential for health of both mother and baby.

She said unfortunately there was no data available about diabetes at national level. She said environment and genetic problems are major reason behind the prevalence of diseases.

Cardiologist, Prof Zia Yaqoob said diabetes almost affects all human organs like heart, eyes, kidney, nerves and blood vessels. He informed that diabetes increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and blood pressure among people.

He informed that diabetes cases are rapidly increasingly in South-Asian region. He said risk of contracting other disease could be controlled only through preventive measures.

Clinical Dietician Dr Salma Siddiqui said theme of “World Diabetes Day 2014” is “Healthy Eating begins with Breakfast”. She said making healthy dietary choices, particularly breakfast, avoiding unnecessary fats and adding fresh fruit, vegetables, exercise, active lifestyle can be the key to stay diabetes free and to manage the disease.

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