Fake peer allegedly rapes a woman, her daughter

SIALKOT: A fake peer allegedly raped a house-hold woman and her young daughter one after other in a bid to get them rid of the “hidden powers” (giants and witches) in village Kotli Loharaan-West, tehsil Sialkot.

Reportedly, Saleema Bibi and her young daughter Nazia were repeatedly visiting the Dera of a local fake Peer Liaqat Ali for spiritual treatment by him. On the day of the incident, the Peer told them that now their remaining spiritual treatment would be done at their home.

The accused Peer reached there and allegedly raped Saleema Bibi and later her young daughter Nazia Bibi turn by turn in a night, saying them that it was vital to curb the menace of the hidden powers, which, according to the fake Peer, had over powered both the mother and her daughter.

After their rape, the accused Peer-turned-rapist, assured both the raped mother and daughter that now the giants and witches would never tease them after their treatment.

The woman and her daughter told the police that the accused Peer had also extorted Rs 150,000 in cash from them in the name of their spiritual treatment. Kotli Loharaan police have registered a case, with no arrest, in this regard.

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