Fate of Korangi Crossing flyover hangs in balance

KARACHI: Korangi Crossing flyover has become victim of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s (KMC) internal conflict.

It has been weeks since KMC approved and announced that construction of the flyover would start in a few days.

KMC spokesperson Bashir Ahmed Sadozai on Tuesday told that the construction had been halted because of some technical issues as senior engineers were unable to decide whether to build the flyover with or without an underpass.

“The Rs250 million project would take just six months once it gets started. We are taking expert opinions that what issues could be faced without underpass,” he said.

Sources told that the government did not want to construct an underpass to save money to earn short-term fame with only flyover; however it would create a long-term problem.

Director General Technical Services Niaz Ahmed Soomro said an underpass would be required along the Crossing flyover to cater to the needs of traffic in the area; otherwise the issue will not be resolved completely.

The proposed location of Korangi Crossing flyover has the biggest charity hospital of Pakistan and big educational institutes around like Institute of Business Management, BIZTEK, PAF Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology, Fatima Jinnah Dental College, Islamic Mission Trust Nursing School, The Intellect School, SSAT Degree College, Reflection School, Aman Tech Institute, Beacon House School, Karachi Public School and Nasra Trust School, where a large number of students from across the city come to get education.

This should also be noted that the condition of the road crossing over Malir riverbed parallel to Jam Sadiq Bridge and leading to the approved Korangi Crossing flyover has become pathetic as heavy traffic is plying on it day in and day out due to Jam Sadiq Bridge being under construction for several months.

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