FC and LEA arrested two suspects, recovered huge weapons

KARACHI: Frontier Corps (FC) Balochistan and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) on Thursday arrested two suspects and recovered weapon and explosive material from their possession.

According to spokesperson FC Balochistan, FC and LEAs launched a operation on a tip of the presence of banned outfit’s member near Gor Kadan and Naukar. During the operation, the forces have destroyed the many hideouts of a Banned outfit BRA.

The forces claimed to have recovered 13 hand grenades, RPG-7, rocket launchers with three shells and nine fuse, nine IEDs, seven SMGs with 47 magazines, 21 kg explosive material, a Chinese LMG, a nine MM pistol, 12 rifles, five telescopes, two goggles.

The forces have also recovered a Thuraya mobile set, two wireless set, three mobile phones, 36 IEDs batters, 19 remotes, six IED pressure button, two meter fuse wire, 32 detonator and a IED checking meter.