Filthy surroundings of KU shame for city

Karachi: The area in front of the Karachi University, a premier and respected higher education institutes of Pakistan, has become unacceptably filthy due to inefficiency of the civic agencies including district municipal corporation East, as well as, the cleaning staff of the varsity itself.

This area on the opposite track of the main University Road depicts an ugly and sorry look due to garbage hills, bushes, liter, broken water and gutter lines and illegal squatting of gypsies who break water lines to get water for their use, wash clothes there and strew the whole area with filth and garbage.

It is an accepted norm all over the world that the areas around university campuses are kept mirror clean to show keen civic sense, but the Karachi University is an exception as it is almost surrounded by utterly unclean surroundings. Though, the backside of Karachi University along Suparco Road is littered with garbage and filth, but the area in front of its main Golden Jubilee Gate should at least be cleaned to give the surroundings of this important campus at least a respected look.

This land presently occupied by garbage dumps and huts of gypsies is owned by the Karachi University, where parking lots, playgrounds, parks and other recreational facilities could be made had the university management used some civic sense. However, the KU bureaucracy does not think on these lines due to lack of capacity.

The district municipal corporation East, led by an energetic administrator Rehmatullah Sheikh, should take a lead to initiate an aggressive drive to make this area tidy and clean, by removing illegal encroachments, repairing broken water and gutter lines, cutting bushes, removing truckloads of garbage and making recreational tree planting all over this neglected area.

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