First nomination filed for NA-246 by-polls

Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan General Secretary Usman Moazzam here Tuesday filed his nomination papers before the returning officer of the district Central Karachi for by-polls on NA-246. He was the first candidate to file nomination papers for NA-246. Pasban Karachi chapter president Shaikh Mohamamd Shakeel also filed nomination papers as the covering candidate.

Talking on the occasion, Usman Moazzam said today Pasban has taken the first step to give the Karachiites a real representation in parliament. He announced that after the by-polls, Pasban would also take an active part in the upcoming local bodies’ elections. He said Pasban has already begun preparations to participate in the LB polls.

Usman Moazzam said the objective of the national and provincial assemblies and local bodies’ institutions is to make laws for facilitating the masses and hence solving the problems of people. However, majority of lawmakers after reaching assemblies do not give focus to the issues of general public and instead work to defend their petty party interests. He said Pasban today has entered the arena to break this tradition.

He said today he remembers the daughter of the nation, Dr Aafia Siddiqui, who has been continuously ignored by our leaders sitting in the assemblies. He said she has been in detention for 12 years, while CIA agent and killer of three Pakistanis Raymond Davis was released and sent back to America under the nose of these leaders. He regretted that Pakistani assemblies have failed to raise voice for Aafia Siddiqui and even today she has been languishing in American prison for a crime she never committed.

He said we have to change this trend and Pasban after reaching assemblies would serve as the real representative of Pakistani masses.

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