Former speaker BA speaks

USTA MOHAMMAD: Owing to Sind government, we are being destroyed by RBOD (right bank outfall drain). Water was standing over 42 thousand acres of land. Drain has straight path to sea but Sind does not allow this.

This was stated by former Speaker Balochistan Assembly Jan Mohammad Jamali while speaking to Newsmen here Sunday.

He said RBOD has all the employees from Sind and they do not cooperate with us and they make wrong briefings at the meetings. It creates serious problem. They should not do this.

Jamali said 42 thousand acres of land has come under water. Unless this drain gets way from Chowki Jamali Regulator the area would remain under water. We would take up the matter in the Council and local affectees would also go to court to seek justice.

He asked federal and provincial governments to take immediate notice of the problems and sort out solution.

He said being member of assembly he strongly condemns this and so long this drain gets it s way we would take up the matter at every forum.

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