FPCCI delegation to meet Nawaz, Zardari and Imran

KARACHI: Shaukat Ahmed, Acting President FPCCI, has warmly welcomed the Prime Minister’s visit to China and his efforts to bring foreign investment in the country to revamp the economy.

He also appreciated the present move of Imran Khan Chairman PTI to announce that his political strategy would not hurt the economic activities. The president FPCCI has stated that Imran Khan’s present move was a step towards reconciliation and consensus on the recognition of the need of frictionless economic development of the country.

In explaining the FPCCI strategy, Shaukat Ahmed indicated that Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry is primarily interested in the overall prosperity of the nation. We are well aware about the economic miseries of the common people and know that growing poverty in Pakistan has arrived at a point where it may be seriously harmful for the existence of the state. The deteriorating law and order situation, growing terrorism, criminal activities, ethnic and sectarian tensions are off shoots of the growing poverty and economic miseries of the common peoples. Unemployment and inflation are the major sources of growing poverty in Pakistan and accelerated investment is badly required to control over these problems. The present fiscal deficit and saving-investment gap in the country have reduced our enabling to invest in mega structure projects.

In this situation, foreign direct investment is the only feasible option, though this option is highly dependent on the political situation and certain economic environment in future. This is the reason the FPCCI is mainly concerned with the consensus among the all political parties and statesmen on economic policies and strategies.

Ahmed revealed that FPCCI has prepared a document on the revival mechanism of economic growth through inducing foreign direct investment and enhancing exports of goods and services from Pakistan. We will meet the leading politicians and statesmen of the country including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari, Imran Khan and the leaders of other leading political parties. We will present our strategic plan for the revival of economy.

Ahmed indicated that more than 80 percent of economic activities belong to the private sector and FPCCI is the apex body and representative of the private sector of Pakistan. We represent all trade associations and the chambers of commerce in Pakistan from Karachi to Khyber.

“Being the main stakeholder and representative of private sector we cannot ignore the economic problems of the country. Our concern is economy, not political. We request that all statesmen and policy makers should understand the economic wisdom behind the suggestions and recommendations of FPCCI. In recent past FPCCI has recommended several policy measures regarding economic vision 2025, infrastructure development, foreign investment, and fiscal policy, and historical record shows that FPCCI indications and projections were always true.

In past we indicated about the growing inflation, declining exports of rice, and growing fiscal deficit which have been proved by macroeconomic indicators. We have been recommended the feasible options to improve economic indicators. Now, we will explain our economic strategies and emphasize on developing the consensus among the political leaders on economic policies.”

The FBR is one of the few federal departments, which has no housing society for its employees, it said. “We have no transportation service, no medical complex as the Finance Division always creates hurdles in the way of the FBR authorities to facilitate lower staff.

The departments, which are constantly in loss for several years, are providing its staff best transportation services, besides having facility of medical complex like the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has.”

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