Glowing tribute paid to prominent Urdu language poet late Keranvi

KARACHI: The Pakistan Readers’ Guild held a condolence reference for the late Urdu poet Pirzada Ashique Keranvi for his lifelong contribution to poetry and his unacknowledged role in keeping the classical mode of Urdu poetry alive. Those who spoke on the occasion included Urdu poet, critic and the Chairman of the Pakistan Readers’ Guild Pirzada Sharf-e-Alam, a renowned scientist of PCSIR Laboratories Aftab Ahmed Usmani, and the critic and sociologist Dr. Farid Uddin Shahab, and some others.

Speaking on the occasion, Pirzada Sharf-e-Alam said, “Progressive writers, poets and critics have successfully given vent to an emotional impulse in the Urdu literature, but their seriously confined and temporal thought has pushed the literature to the lowest rung of the intellectual ladder, while the creation of a substandard literature crammed with hedonism, materialism and atheism has been leading the modern mind to further decline.” He said today’s writers and poets have been reduced into a self-centered and utilitarian lot, and a deep-rooted provincialism and sectarianism among top literary circles is affecting an overall literary development in the country, as there are various literary groups divided on the basis of their provincial, ethnic and racial backgrounds.

In his address, Aftab Ahmed Usmani, a senior applied physicist and scientist said those individuals and institutions for the promotion of literature in Pakistan have not produced such a great work together, which was created by Ashiq Keranvi alone. Having written a number of books i.e. Quaid Ke Hazoor, Masnavi Tulo-E-Sahar, etc., Kiranvi produced around one-million Urdu verses, and also wrote the ‘Aik Ghazal’, the world’s largest poetic work. “He was the author of many books, but most of his works happened to be unpublished due to a severe lack of support offered by any concerned provincial or federal ministries.” Usmani added.

In his address, Dr. Farid Uddin Shahab said an overall scenario regarding the fostering and promotion of literary activities is very depressing, while the government’s apathy towards the matter suggests we no more need writers, poets and scholars. Many emerging Urdu writers and poets also addressed on the occasion.

Apart from producing his own poetic works, Kiranvi also compiled poetry of Sahir Ludhyanvi and Shaukat Lakhnavi. -Ends-

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