Government allocates 27% of total budgetary outlay for the year 2014-15

Peshawar: The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has allocated 27% of the total budgetary outlay for the year 2014-15 for the Elementary, Secondary Higher and Technical Education.

This was revealed by Chief Economist of the Planning and Development Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in a press release issued in Peshawar on Wednesday.

It said, in order to set the record straight an amount of Rs. 139.805 billion rupees has been allocated for the annual development program which comes to about 34.5% of the total budgetary outlay of Rs. 404.805 billion. The total allocation for Elementary & Secondary Education is Rs. 92.606 billion (65.023 salary 7.915 Non- salary Rs. 19.668 development) which is 9.5 % higher than the outgoing financial year.

Similarly for Higher Education an amount of 13.225 billion has been proposed to be allocated in the next year budget. (Rs. 6352 million salary Rs. 693 non-salary & Rs.6180 development) representing an increase of 12.1% over the current financial year allocation.

Likewise an amount of Rs. 4162.291 million have been allocated for technical education (Rs. 2038 million salary Rs. 115.378 million Non-salary & Development 1988.811 million). The combined allocation for Elementary & Secondary Education, Higher Education and Technical Education comes to around Rs. 110 billion making 27% of the total budget outlay for FY 2014-15.

Similarly, health sector has been allocated an amount of Rs. 33.586 billion comprising of (Rs. 18.881 billion salary budget, Rs. 6.125 Non-salary budget & Rs. 8.280 billion as developmental budget).

For the first time an amount of Rs. 7900.120 million has been allocated for special and pro-poor initiatives, besides, the government is also working out the modalities of providing targeted food subsidies to the marginalized segment of the society this may cost from 5 to 6 billion. Furthermore, the aforementioned segment of press is also under play the government’s performance in the sectors of health and education.

These two sectors have been the priorities of the government. For the first time a hefty amount Rs. 7.915 billion has been allocated as non-salary budget of the education department which is 925% higher than the current year figures of Rs. 4.112 billion.

This time an extensive needs assessment exercises of the education department has been carried out and the government has fulfilled all the requirement of the education department for the next fiscal year.

The contribution of the government has also been supplemented by education sector budgetary support from DFID, European Union & Australian Government under Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Education Support Program (KESP).

The government has attached higher priorities to the education department and has therefore, started a unique and quick impact interventions:

• Creation of independent monitoring unit to ensure teacher attendance which is being replicated in health department under Chief Minister’s directives.

• Stipend for girl students for the district with low net enrolment ratio. For this initiative an amount of Rs. 200 million has been allocated for the next financial year.

• Allowance for the education supervisors for the hard areas. The initiative will continue in the coming financial year with allocated cost of Rs. 15 million.

• Provision of sports kits to the higher and higher secondary schools of the province with allocation of Rs. 150 million for financial year 2014-15.

• Provision of scholarship to the university & college students under CM endowment fund & higher education endowment fund. An amount of Rs. 500 million have been proposed for financial year 2014-15.

• The initiative of Stoori Da Pakhtunkhwa, Rs. 7 million has been allocated for financial year 2014-15.

• During the financial year 2014-15 Rs. 1000 million were spent on provision free emergency services which will continue during the current financial year with the same allocation.

As a coefficient of development, the health development plan is well blended with the preventive and curative programs. The focus of the health sector is to consolidate the existing and improve service delivery to the optimum for the welfare of the people.

Much of the impetus is on preventive programs like MNCH, TB, EPI, integrated vector approaches, improvement of quality service delivery, provision of mobile health services in remote areas, improvement / rehabilitation & provision of equipment to hospital in the province & social health insurance.

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