Governor for promoting solar energy sector

Karachi: Sindh governor Dr Ishartul Ibad Khan has said that with the help of alternative energy the crisis of load shedding could be effectively coped with.

Talking to President of ET Solar Energy Corporation, a Chinese company, Dennis She, who called on him leading a delegation at the Governor House here Tuesday, Dr Ibad said investment is Pakistan offer better return than any other country of the region. He said short, mid and long term projects are needed to overcome the energy crisis in Pakistan.

He said Allah, the Almighty, has bestowed Sindh province with the blessing of ample sunshine and air that could be harnessed to generate alternate energy. He said we also have big oil, gas and coal reserves that should be optimally used to produce energy. He said with proper utilization of sunshine Sindh could produce a lot of solar energy.

The governor was told that ET Solar Energy Corporation has already begun work on a 50-megawatt solar energy plant in Jhampir area of district Thatta in Sindh province.

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