Govt may give tariff subsidy to achieve potato export target

KARACHI: Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) Chairman Standing Committee on Horticulture & Agriculture Produce, Ahmad Jawad hailed the decision of the government to impose a ban on potato import and waved off duty on its export in farmers’ interest.

Jawad said: “This decision would give a new window to enhance the export of Pakistani potato in the international markets, especially in Russia, Iraq and Afghanistan provided we may cater to buyer requirements.”

If we look at the past, the decline in export is ascribable to tough competition from China, India and Bangladesh, which came forth as leading exporters of potato. They are offering lower rates per ton to attract foreign buyers.

India has always been playing an active player in the field and is expanding both production and exporting potato internationally and regionally. The situation is thought-provoking for Pakistan.

Even Pakistani potato exporters moved to Bangladesh to meet their trade commitments. They purchased potato in Bangladesh and shipped it to various destinations. Some other exporters also did the same practice in other neighboring countries, he said.

In this regard government must give freight subsidy to potato exporters in order to achieve their respective targets timely for the year of 2015, he added.

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